Monday, 25 March 2013

Style Your Afternoon Tea

You can not beat Afternoon tea with your partner, friends or family. There is nothing quite like sitting down with your loved ones and enjoying an afternoon of eating a selection of delicious sandwiches, cakes and scones, whilst sipping on your favourite tea and bubbles if you fancy. This is most definitely a favourite way to spend an afternoon, unfortunately it is not one I do often enough but one I thoroughly enjoy when the opportunity arrises.

In January this year I had the pleasure of visiting a fantastic friend Steph in Perth Oz. She recently moved there  to follow the man she loves and I can understand why Perth has captured her heart, it is a City full of soul and one which I will most definitely visit again. I had the pleasure of being shown Perth from a local point of view checking out all the vintage shops, the best restaurants and the most amazing beaches.

As a belated birthday gift Steph treated me to the most amazing 'High Tea' that I have had to date. The venue was the amazing 'C Restaurant' 
It was situated on the top floor of the highest building in Perth and revolved so you had the best view over Perth for the entire dining experience.

We started our 'High Tea' with a selection of three layered sandwiches, this included smoked salmon, egg and ham. Each sandwich had two fillings which were encased in amazingly tasting bread. To follow we had a selection of desserts including a lemon cheesecake and a chocolate tart sprinkled with gold leaf. Last of all was the scones which like any afternoon tea were absolutely delicious. 

For my drink choice I had peppermint tea which I love followed by bubbles. I just don't think you can beat a glass of bubbles, this would always be my chosen drink. Especially after spending 2 weeks with Steph who loves them more than me I would say, my taste of bubbles has grown even more especially after tasting the local bubbles. 

I am certainly inspired for my 'Afternoon Tea for my Downton weekend'. I will be using the sandwiches for inspiration for my own three layered sandwiches and will be baking my own cakes. 

I look forward to sharing how my homemade 'Afternoon tea' goes.