Monday, 10 June 2013

Style Your Anniversary 

Finally the finale of my parents Wedding Anniversary and the wait to hear how the moustaches went down is over. I can honestly say I was slightly worried that people wouldn't get my sense of fun but I have to say everyone was a great sport and they loved them. 

The idea was to take pictures of everyone with a tash wearing Mums hat then to create a photo album with congratulation comments from everyone. It worked perfectly so my parents know have the perfect album of memories from the day.  

Please find below a selection of images from the day to show how everyone embraced the hat and moustaches. 

My amazing parents trying to recreate the original Wedding picture...

 My hilarious Nan..xx

My brothers our better half's and myself. 

My amazing nephew, although he is way to cool to wear the hat..
I must admit I remember being 12 and would probably have been the same. 

As I have mentioned previously everyone was such good sports when it came to posing in the hat and the moustaches. It relaxed the atmosphere of the party straight away and was a great party starter.

The day ran so smoothy, the food was served over an hour and a half and was absolutely amazing, we couldn't fault any of it. Once the food had been devoured we then went into speeches. Yes a very traditional event for a Wedding but I felt it would be perfect to ask Dad's original Best Man to make a speech. So John kicked the speeches off and had us all in hysterics. Next my parents each did a speech both very moving and funny.  

To carry on the amusement I then got out the game board Mr & Mrs so I started asking my parents a round of questions to see how well they do know each other after 40 years. They did ok however I think the amount of drink which had been consumed by this point added to the wrong answers and made this hilarious. My Dad preceded to ask every couple questions so this game entertained us for an hour or so. 

The laughter continued with a few other games and the day came to a perfect end with the cutting of the amazing cake followed by Tea & Coffee. 

All in all the day was a huge success and my parents had the best time which means it was worth all the hard work and organising. The pressure is on for the next party I arrange to be just as perfect. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Style Your Anniversary

Style Your Anniversary 

Thank you for visiting my blog again to read Part 2 about my parents Ruby wedding Anniversary.

As I have mentioned we hired a room at the Felix Hotel Cambridge. It was ideal for us as we could all sit around the one large table, the perfect sociable layout. As you can see from the picture below we hung the bunting between the paintings on the walls on both sides. We placed the favours, heart shaped bird seed and heart shaped florentines on everyone's napkin and added silver '40' sprinkles to the table, next I placed the moustaches on the table in my homemade stands.  

The final decoration for the table was some extra goodies for my parents. I bought them these little books which I said would help them with the next 40 years! Dont's for Husbands & Wife's! Suppose they must have done ok though to have reached 40 years! I found these in Oliver Bonas a right bargain at £3.50 each.
I also placed some heart shaped chocolate champagne hearts on my Mum's place. 

This completed the table settings so next it was using the items which the hotel supplied for our decorations.First we placed the easel at the far end of the room with a large canvas of one of Mum & Dad's wedding pictures and balanced Mum's amazing wedding hat on the stand.

Whilst borrowing my parents Wedding album I stumbled across their Wedding cards, so it would have been wrong not to display these at the party. Luckily the Felix Hotel had the perfect stand beautiful twigs decorated with fairy lights. So I bought some heart shaped pegs from John Lewis, what a fantastic find.

I completed the tree with three heart shaped picture frames which included images of parents from over the years. I particularly love this picture of them which my Nan gave me years ago. 

The finishing touches to the event included an amazing cake made by Doreen at Incredible Cakes of Cambridge, it tasted and looked amazing, my parents loved 

Last of all was displaying the Wedding Album so people could view the original pictures from my parents special day. 

I hope I have managed to set up the look of the room for you all and you are now all intrigued to hear how the event went and how the moustaches went down.I will follow with Part 3 later this week which will be an exciting gallery of images from the event. 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Really sorry for the delay in updating you all with Part 2 of my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary, working two jobs is keeping me super busy so unfortunately my blog has been a little neglected. I hope to post it asap. 

So in the absence of a post I thought I would share this adorable picture of Harley with you. As her owner I am sure I am biased but she really is the cutest dog ever...!