Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lifestyle Post 

This wouldn't be a blog about myself and my love of Events without including a few posts about 'Harley' my Hound! I was never a dog lover but Harley has completely changed my opinion on dogs. My partner Spencer befriended her under the garden fence as she used to belong to our neighbour. The next I know of it he is walking her to see if she would make a good gun dog. So one Friday afternoon he brings her to the front door to see what I think as the neighbour is moving to a flat and needs someone to take Harley for her. Well I must admit it was love at first sight! 

She never fails to make you smile, is always excited when you come home from work and has such a loving & fun personality. If your feeling low she will come and give you a hug, if your up for playing she will never say no and walks well I have never seen a dog get so excited about the word WALK, she try's to get her lead on herself just to get out of the door quicker. Considering I was bought up with cats, I would never have thought I would end up having a dog. I am so glad we gave her a home, she has made our family. 

Here are a few pictures for you all to understand why I just couldn't say no!