Thursday, 12 June 2014

World Cup Fever 2014!

As the World Cub begins in true brit style I am sure we are all optimistic that this year could be the year! I love the way the whole country gets behind such an amazing sporting event; and this comes from someone who is not interested in football at all.  I will however be watching every England match where possible and have even entered the draw at work so am also behind Italy, Holland and Bosnia Herzegovina. Although having said this I am behind England all the way on Saturday night. 

As a proud nation I a sure there are a lot of you out there who will be planning a World Cup party over the next few weeks. So here are a few ideas to create an over the top 'World Cup Party'! I am sure there are ways to make it classy however thinking about it I am not sure that many blokes out there would care for a classy world cup party. 

As you can imagine there are hundreds of pages on the web where you can buy flags, bunting and various other World Cup goodies from. Here are just a few ideas which I have found, follow the links below to buy your goodies for your very own 'World Cup Party'.

A 'Style your Event' party would not be complete without cupcakes. So why not purchase some of the below goodies and make your own World Cup cupcakes. These are a great way to keep the kids occupied and also a way for you all to get involved in World Cup Fever. Click on the link below to purchase any of these ideas.

For further inspiration take a look at this amazing World Cup party page on Pinterest it is full of many individual and exciting ideas.

Good luck England your Country is behind you and to everyone else enjoy the many celebrations over the next month! #Worldcup2014