Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Style your Flower Clubs 50th Anniversary

My Mum is an amazing lady and an extremely creative one which I am sure is where I get my love for being creative from. As part of the local flower arranging club she has asked me to help plan their 50th Anniversary. I was honoured to be asked as I love to help my Mum out where possible and like to make her proud.

The theme has already been picked by the 'Eversden & District Flower Club' committee so I have been given the theme 'Afternoon Tea' to work with. They have a demonstration by Christopher White planned for the evening called 'The Beauty of Nature' so I will look at combining these two themes together in the decorations, invites and extras which I suggest for the celebration.
I have found these amazing decoration ideas on Pinterest below and so proceeded to put together a mood board for my Mum to present to the flower club committee. 

Alongside my 'mood board' I also created a poster. I went for a basic design by using the stunning image of these beautiful flowers hanging in jam jars from Pinterest

The day came for my ideas to be shown to the committee and I am happy to say they loved my ideas and so the joy of decorating their event is mine. Further details about developing and creating my decoration ideas will follow with a write about how the event goes after the 5th July.