Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Style Your Crafting Event 

Late last year I was introduced to the amazing ladies 'Material Girls'. They are two ladies Mel & Donna who love crafting so much that they decided to set up an evening for local ladies who love to craft. Mel is a teacher and Donna is a home maker and they used to meet up on a Thursday or Friday to craft together and decided because they loved it so much they were certain they would be able to run an evening once every few months for fellow crafters who liked to be inspired to make new and exciting crafts and also eat the amazing cakes they made! 

My introduction to them was last November when I attended their Christmas themed evening. I made an robin tree decoration and a christmas tree decoration which was made by using old maps of the Lake District. I loved the evening so much, I was certainly in my element as a keen crafter. 

When I heard about the next catch up and realised I wasn't working I was straight in there to put my name down with my friend Marie. This time the evening was in Comberton, Cambridge. 

Material Girls always set the room out perfectly with areas of fabric, buttons, beads and any other crafting materials you may need. Each time they supply the crafters with a selection of around 10 or more items which they can produce, they provide laminated instructions along with all the items which are needed to produce each of the ideas. You can pick from bunting to a candle holder, decorating a notebook to making a corsage. It is entirely up to you how many different craft items you make in the evening and also how you decorate them, you pick the colour theme and can put your own stamp on the item. 

This time I choose to make a candle holder by using buttons and wire. The colour theme works perfectly in my lounge, you can find an image of my creation at the end of this post. 

As well as their amazing selection of crafting items they treat us all to an array of amazing cakes, all freshly baked especially for us. This selection of cakes is served with tea, coffee and hot chocolate. 

We are all well and truly spoilt by these lovely two ladies 
'Mel & Donna' and I would recommend anyone who loves crafting from the local area to like their facebook page. 

I always look forward to hearing when their next crafting evening is going to be and am sure I will post about what goodies I make next time.