Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Back from a year of writers block!

For those of you still reading my blog I am back from a year of finding myself and have come back as a much more positive, confident and determined person. Life is always going to throw difficult and heart breaking situations your way but it is the way you deal with these situations that makes you a stronger person. I have to say without the support of my family and friends I would not be in such a good place, so thank you to those who read this post. 

It is always said that time fly's by and although its been a tough year it has been an extremely hard working one to. 

I thrive on challenges and nearly a year ago today I was given the opportunity to become a Director for AJW Distribution. I completely appreciate that this is an opportunity that I am extremely lucky to be given; as this is my Dad's business which he has built up from nothing over the past 20 years. This role is one where I could develop new skills and also use my organisational skills to develop new procedures for the company, organise the offices and also develop new areas of the business. The past year has been totally non-stop and one I have loved every minute off. It has helped me grow my confidence within my work life and for the first time ever I have had the confidence to stand my ground on my ideas as I knew that my family would listen.

Although I have given up my career choice of being an Event Manager for this role I feel it is the best decision I have ever made. I have developed skills I never knew I had and am continually developing as a person. With the best part of my working day being able to work with my Dad and brothers on a daily basis. 

My next personal challenge is to grow and develop this blog which I thoroughly love writing for myself and for those who are looking for inspiration for their event. 

Watch this space for weekly updates and I promise this time I will keep this blog updated. 

Charlotte xxx