Monday, 25 August 2014

Style Your Wedding

Over the past 16 months I have had the pleasure of realising one of my ambitions of becoming an Event Manager for a well known Wedding venue 'South Farm' in Cambridge. I have learnt some invaluable skills and also seen some amazing Wedding ideas. Although I had to give up running Weddings when I took on a full time role last October I did however continue to work at 'South Farm' showing further Bride & Grooms around the venue. This was only ever a couple of shifts a months and was always great fun it never felt like work as everyone I met was so excited to be visiting the venue. I have decided to give up this casual work though and so I wanted to say thank you to South Farm for giving me the chance to realise an ambition of mine and it was a huge pleasure to learn these skills at such a well respected and relaxed venue.

South Farm have been running Weddings for a number of years now and have perfected the planning and running of every Wedding. When I was the Event Manager for Weddings last year many people would comment that they would hate to do such a job and say it must be such a stressful role. Yes it was stressful to ensure that the day runs perfect for the Bride & Groom, anyone who says it isn't would be lying however South Farm is such a relaxed venue and the staff who support you during the running of the Wedding made this job an absolute pleasure to have experienced. The organisation behind ensuring each Wedding goes perfectly can not be faulted, the use of the Wedding planner which I referred to as the 'Bible' for the day is created to ensure there is no room for errors on the Bride & Grooms special day.

As a creative individual I loved to see what themes and ideas each bride would use for on their special day and I have to say I have seen some amazing ideas over the past nine months, with the most popular theme being 'Vintage'. A lot of bunting has been put up and taken down, with one Bride using fabrics from her life as the flags these were taken from old bedding, clothing and other personal items (what a lovely personal touch) The most popular flowers I have seen are wild looking flowers in jam jars some Brides adding candles to the tables whilst some painted jam jars and others wrapping them in tea stained paper. Even though this has been a constant theme I have seen through-out the last sixteen months everyone puts their own individual twist on the idea, which is lovely to see.

One Wedding which sticks in my mind and one idea which I use when I am talking the potential Bride and Grooms around the venue is an actual 'Fete' which guests could use after the Wedding Breakfast and before the evening party. So much effort was put into this idea the games included hook a duck, Coconut shy and Splat a rat. I wish I had photos to show you but I have found some great ideas on the internet below.

Although I will be sad not to be able to visit this venue every month I am pleased to be getting my weekend back to myself, hopefully it will mean I can spend more time on my blog which is being rather neglected at the moment. I will ensure I stay in touch with how the venue is developing by reading their blog and following them on Facebook as is it great way to see how one venue can be tailored to suit each Brides and Grooms personal style.