Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Style Your Birthday!

Finally I hear you say she has managed to write another post, well I hope that is what your all saying. After a troubled few months I am feeling back on track more positive and ready to face the world and enjoy blogging again.

So I am going to start with the excitement of having recently celebrated my 34th Birthday. I was well and truly spoilt by the family and all my friends, they are all just amazing.

So then how did I style my birthday up well my friend Laura @mclaurs introduced me to the amazing new artwork that is flash tattoos! If you love the idea of having a tattoo just to match your outfit, or to jazz up that little black dress then look no further the flash tat is the perfect accessory. It is a must for your Christmas list if your still yet to write it.

I have to agree with my friend Laura that the best selection of flash tats are the Sofia selection. I chose to have one of the large peacock feathers on my wrist whilst Laura went with a diamond design on her back & Amina went for a diamond design on her arm. They are like any other transfer tattoos and are easy to put on with water. The good news is they also last up to a week so you can wear them for a few events if you have a few things planned in the same week.


Laura and Amina styling out their flash tats

My peacock tattoo

We received some amazing comments about these whilst out and I will be purchasing some of these to use for future Birthdays, Christmases and parties. 

Start shopping now & treat yourself to a flash tat.