Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Style Your Anniversary

As I have previously mentioned it was my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday 28th April. I am extremely proud to have had the pleasure of celebrating this special day with my parents and also for having the opportunity to arrange the day and make sure everything was just perfect for them. 

We had a few discussions about what they would like to do for their special day and they decided upon a dinner for 20 of the family and closest friends. This ended up being the perfect number of people for such an event, it was a social fun day for everyone. So the plans began by finding somewhere ideal for my parents taste and also someone easily accessible for my Nan. So I decided upon Hotel Felix in Cambridge http://www.hotelfelix.co.uk We hired a room which fit us in perfectly and having heard the food was exceptional & reasonable I felt it would be perfect. I must say that the staff and service on the day was fantastic so thank you to @FelixCambridge for making it a day for my parents to remember. 

Next step was the theme for the party. I spoke with all the guests who had been at my parents actual wedding and they all commented that they remembered my Dad's moustache and my Mum's hat from their big day. This got me thinking about what I could do to recreate memories from the special day without it being too tacky. After lots of thinking I decided to go for a fun idea of creating moustaches on sticks. A friend used these at her wedding a few years ago, they were great fun. 

These were so easy to make. All you need are some wooden 

skewers, black card & some super glue. I found some amazing black moustaches on the great blog of 'Staceywporter' which I could print out and use as templates for my card moustaches. 


I made enough of these for around two per person, so the next step was to create a way of presenting these on the table. I got my super glue out again and printed off a length of paper which included images of Mum & Dad and glued these around a tin can. This was something so easy and simple and worked perfectly. 

The next challenge was to get my hands on Mum's wedding hat, I managed this by just popping round and taking everything I needed. This included her dress, her shoes, her wedding album and a large canvas we printed for their 35th wedding anniversary. I definitely got Mum extremely worried I think she thought I would display her dress on a mannequin! I am glad I had her worried however I hope she knows I wouldn't arrange a tacky event...! 
So I had all I needed from Mum to help with the decorations. 

Next step was to create the bunting, I scanned in my parents wedding album and used the images to create triangular bunting which I attached together by folding over the top and stringing them all together using cotton. I made two small rows which worked perfectly for the event, they hung between the paintings which were already up in the room. These were easy to make and a great way of personalising bunting for that special occasion. 

My next challenge was to decide what favours to make for the event. As my Dad has always had birds I decided upon a bird seed heart to represent my Dad and for my Mum I went for a florentine as I know she loves them. So the baking and making began. I am extremely lucky to have a man who likes baking so he helped me massively with making both of these favours for me whilst I was working. 

We found the recipe for the Bird seed hearts on the below link.  http://www.polkadotbride.com/2010/02/diy-project-birdseed-favors/   I tied twine through the hearts and printed off an image of Mum & Dad from their special day. 

The florentines were wrapped in clear cellophane and tied with twine to link to the bird seed hearts. You can create your own buy using the below recipe, however there are many varied florentine recipes so you can pick one to suit your pallet. 

I presented the two hearts on everyones place settings like the below. I felt these looked fantastic and they added an extra special feeling to the event, everyone loved both ideas. 

This concludes everything which I made before the event so I will conclude this as part 1 of my parents 'Ruby Wedding Anniversary'. Part 2 will follow in the next week; this will show how I set up the room, how the moustaches and hat were received by the guests and concluding with how the event went overall. 

I hope you are inspired by the ideas I have shown you already and will visit my blog to find out how the event went on the day. Maybe you have already thought of events which you can use them for. I would love to hear your thoughts.